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Parents for Public Schools of Greater Cincinnati (PPSGC) hosted its Annual Chapter Meeting on January 28th at Mayerson Academy. It was a remarkable evening!

We were very fortunate in that our National Executive Director, Dr. Catherine Cushinberry, drove in for our meeting. It was the first time for the PPSGC staff and Board to meet her and we appreciated her support. 

Lathel Bryant, PPSGC Executive Director, welcomed everyone to the meeting. He then gave an impressive presentation highlighting the accomplishments for 2014 and the goals and expectations for 2015.

The program was then turned over to Nancy Stewart, Board Secretary and engaged parent. Nancy had assembled an exceptional parent panel which included Jean Coleman, LaToya Jackson Fain, Brenda Gray-Johnson, Ester Hall and Gina Pratt. The parents were very passionate and outspoken about their children’s education and how they are trying to make a difference.

Next Marcia Futel, Board Member, presented the Parent Engagement Program (PEP). Through personal experiences of being a PEP parent and raising her children, she had the entire room in stitches as she advocated for the program. Her belief and support of PEP was duly noted by everyone present. Here are some points to think about:

  • When families take an active role in their child’s education, the child will behave better in and out of school.
  • Students whose families are involved in their education have higher graduation rates.
  • Children from diverse cultural backgrounds perform better in school when families take part in key decision making and school planning.

We have our 2015 PEP Leadership Training beginning in March. For more information, click HERE.

Erin Horsley, Board Member, presented the Membership portion of the program. We survive on fundraising and every dollar we raise is essential to our organization. Lucky for us, Erin was very convincing as several ‘new’ members handed over donations before leaving that night! 

PPSGC Board President, Tina Dyehouse, closed out the evening by thanking everyone for attending and encouraged everyone to continue to support PPSGC.

At the end of the evening, all attendees seemed to be exhilarated about PPSGC and what we have planned for the future. It was a team effort by the guests and the PPSGC Board and staff that made this one of the more memorable nights for PPSGC!

Thank you to everyone that came out and supported us!

(Scroll over pictures for captions. Pictures courtesy of Advisory Board Member Brewster Rhoads.)

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