Why Parental Engagement is Important to Support Our Children:

2013 PLI participant Chandra Brown speaks about why it is important to support our children.

The research is out:

“Parent involvement increases student achievement!”

So, Parents for Public Schools of Greater Cincinnati trains parents through the Parent Engagement Programs-Leadership (PEP-Leadership). PEP-Leadership will encourage and train parents to become informed partners, to be more effective advocates for Ohio’s children and to work with other parents in schools and communities.

PEP – Leadership offers strategic training to parent groups over a two to three month period. Skills learned are essential for successful partnerships in schools and are transferable to the workplace. This training includes:

  • Key communication skills and learning styles to successfully partner with schools.
  • How to analyze, understand, and use district data to impact student achievement. How to be an action oriented, problem-solving network of parent partners and leader.
  • How to design and implement school based projects addressing student achievement needs.

How to engage all parents and work to resolve their special challenges. We want YOU! Join us in this effort of empowering parents to become active partners in education. Simply recruit parents or apply for PEP-Leadership! Parents attend free as a result of our partnerships. Want to find out more?  Read what school principals are saying about the our Parent Leadership Program.

Want to find out more?  Read what school principals are saying about the Parent Leadership Institute.